The “Miloterranean Geo Experiences” caters to all travelers who desire to discover the multifaceted hidden beauty of the unique nature of Milos Island and its rare landscape. A professional team of geologists, metallurgists, foresters, cartographers and historians has prepared detailed maps-routes complemented by concise text guide in order to turn you into Milos’ fans as they actually are. Following their steps in fascinating routes, you will have the chance to meet the island’s unique geology, wealth of mining history and present, and its beautiful natural environment. A so far “secret” Milos will emerge in front of your eyes… do not miss it!



As beautiful Milos island is under the sun light, such beautiful its most hidden parts are.   Do not miss the opportunity to visit Milos’ fantastic underwater world! Because of its volcanic origin, the seabed has mysterious caves-houses for many sea species. One of them is the well known to all of us marine seal Monachus. You will even come across with sea spiders, crayfish, lobsters, barracudas, amberjacks and all kinds of fish as well as wonderfully colorful nudibranchs. The photo camera will capture you, and this experience’s memory will remain indelible!




The tour of Milos by sailing or yacht is a unique experience you must live! Milos has countless beaches, but thankfully some of them are only accessible by sea… and we say thankfully because otherwise we would not have the chance to live this wonderful trip!

The famous marine Meteora or Kleftiko, the emerald green Sykia cave, Glaronisia, Bears are only some of the inaccessible beaches of Milos Island you have to visit and swim. Crystal clear turquoise waters in enchanting beaches with mystic caves and mineral wealth. Dive, swim, play, photo shoot and discover by yourself why Milos has fanatic visitors and why it is serial voted as the island with the best beaches!

There are several boats, small boats and sailboats for excursions and you have the power to choose according to your preferences and your mood. The majority of the boats depart daily from the marina at Adamas harbor, but also from Pollonia, Kipos and Agia Kiriaki. Some of them make the whole tour around the island, others add neighboring Kimolos in their routes and others go to selected beaches. In most trips they usually offer food and beverages, since the hours are pretty enough.

Whatever you choose, one is for sure… you will have an unforgettable time and you will hope to never end!




When you are in nature, you realize life differently. You feel the inseparable bond between human and nature and you enjoy with all your senses what the earth, air, animals, plants and water compose. Milos Island is amazing and its landscapes are unique all year round! In Asterias Boutique Hotel you can participate and watch several farming tasks if you just trust our experience. We organize activities in our farm and our creamery, which are related to the animals’ care, such as herding, milking, cleaning as well as to the cheese-making of local dairy products such as fresh milk, yogurt and cheese. That way you can experience the agrotourism in Milos! We hope it will be a memorable thing to do!