Pachaina is a small, seaside and peaceful village in Milos Island. It is located northeast close to the ancient Phylakopi settlement and the impressive Papafragkas and Alogomandra beaches. Pachaina’s beach is spacious with thick sand, a few trees and emerging rocks. Overlooking Glaronisia with its crystal clear blue sea.

If you are looking for a peaceful stay in Milos with sea view, then Pachaina is your destination! 7km from main Milos ort, Adamas, following the asphalt road to Pollonia, you can easily get to Pachaina by car, motorbike or public transport. Picturesque Pollonia village with the port across Kimolos is only 3km away.
Milos is world famous and recognized for its indented coastline and uniquely beautiful beaches, which are more than seventy-five. In fact, several times, popular foreign journals based on specialists’ and visitors’ criticism, have emerged Milos as the island with the best beaches in Europe! Crystal turquoise waters in golden beaches and sculptured colorful cliffs. This enormous diversity and special morphology was initially due to volcanic origins, but also to voracious waves that carve its shores many years now. Beaches with sand, pebbles, gravel…deep, or cold…colorful or monochrome. Milos has beaches for everyone! Organized with umbrellas, sun beds and beach bars or completely isolated and wild. You can, also, find the chance to practice on some water sports, like windsurf or stroll with a pedal boat or even play with your friends in "high speed" inflatable. And what's more... the beaches on Milos Island have an additional advantage. Scattered in every direction whichever way the wind blows there will always be some where you can enjoy a swim! However, whatever you choose, it will be hard to find again the beauty of Milos’ beaches! The most famous beaches of Milos are: Papafragkas, Alogomandra, Sarakiniko, Firiplaka, Tsigkrado, Agia Kiriaki, Palaiochori, Provatas, Firopotamos, Achivadolimni and many others.
Milos Island is for everyone covering every kind of tourism and offering unique memories! One of the most famous attractions of Milos is Sarakiniko. Well known as the unique lunar landscape on Earth! It is located north, took its name from Saracens pirates and is one of the most photographed places in Greece. Selected fanatically for wedding photos and not unfairly since occasionally many of them have won awards in international competitions. If you are in love, do not forget to write down your love on the rocks of chalk and wish it to last forever! Lunar, wild landscape without greenery but with much light. You walk and for a moment you feel a bit like Neil Armstrong! Visit Sarakiniko, except in the morning for swimming, at sunset or even better on a full moon night and the colors that the volcanic rocks get, will surely enchant you! Kleftiko... the Meteora of the Sea, is another unique attraction that you can find only in Milos! Accessible only by boat, is located in the southwestern part of the island and is a cluster of volcanic rocks. Old base for pirates, with unique morphology that is worth visiting and swimming in the turquoise waters or you can even discover its sea bottom. Get on a boat trip and you will not regret it! The oldest and most important monument of Christianity is located in Milos and are the Early Christian Catacombs. They are located in Tripiti, three in total and they form an intricate system of caves of 180 meters. You can visit a part of them walking on a wooden platform and feel the awe that this unique monument inspires. The oldest sulfur export business throughout Greece was in Milos, too. The sulfur mines of Victor Mela are located in the eastern part of Milos in a yellowish from sulfur beach. Creepy sight of the ruins from the abandoned factory and the machines, that is worth your ride. Do not forget to swim in the beautiful beach, too. Some more worth visiting attractions of Milos are: the Ancient Roman Theatre where Milos’ Venus was found, the Venetian Castle where you can enjoy an unforgettable sunset, the picturesque Klima with the colorful boat houses and many more. Milos is a large, beautiful and unique sight! All you have to do is "plow" the roads and let the human curiosity do its job!
Thousands of visitors every summer sacrifice a swim or two in the enchanting beaches of the island to view the exceptional cultural heritage of Milos with no regrets but lots of admiration. The museums of Milos are five: the Archaeological, the Ecclesiastical, the Folkloric / Historical, the Maritime and the Mining. The Archaeological Museum of Milos is located in Plaka and housed in a famous neoclassical building. Here you can admire collections of sculptures, reliefs, inscriptions and objects from the prehistoric era of the island. Of course, there is a true copy of the Aphrodite of Milos, created in the laboratories of the Louvre museum, where in the original statue is kept. The Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos is located in Adamas, the main port of the island, in the church of the Holy Trinity. There you have the chance to admire the religious art. Hagiographies, old icons, famous painters’ work, wood carved church structures, chalices and many more rare pieces of art. The Folkloric / Historical museum of Milos is located in Plaka and here you will be able to travel back in time and see how the residents used to live in the 19th century. So, entering in a household of that period, you will understand the way of life with its peculiarities and difficulties. The Maritime Museum of Milos is also located in Adamas and houses the famous wood boat "Eirini". There you will find exhibits from prehistory to modern times, as well as rare maps. The Mining museum of Milos is located just outside Adamas and was created in 1998 by the company S & B Industrial Minerals SA. Here displays the mining history of Milos and its natural, geological wealth. Besides the industrial minerals, you can watch the video, that through the stories of old miners, you travel in old excavations and to the first findings.
The local cuisine of Milos is delicious and is inextricably linked to its environment, soil, microclimate, as well as the culture and history of the island. Prominent place in the local menu rightfully possess the "pitarakia" which are fried pies stuffed with local spicy dry cheese and herbs. Following is the "karpouzopita"(watermelon pie) which is traditional sweet pie from the homonymous fruit and the spoon sweet "koufeto" made from sweet pumpkin’s crumb with honey and almonds. Furthermore, the famous Melian tomato paste will be usually the first treat you will spread on your bread wherever you choose to eat. In every corner of Milos, there are beautiful taverns that will offer you their best dishes so you can discover the gastronomy of Milos better. Vegetables from their gardens, fresh fish, meats and local cheese cooked in amazing traditional recipes. Of course, you can take back home with you the flavors you liked most from shops with local products. In their jars you can find everything... local cheese, tomato paste, capers, honey, sweet koufeto and anything else you desire so you can keep alive for a long time the feeling of your holidays in Milos!
Milos Island was declared officially by the Holy Synod as "Holy Island" in 2014, as it hosts the oldest monument of Christianity, the Catacombs. It has an Ecclesiastical museum and more than 140 churches and chapels. Some of the many wonderful religious sights worth visiting are: the church of Agia Paraskevi in Pollonia, the Catholic church of Panagia(Virgin Mary) of the Roses in Plaka, the church of Aghios Charalambos and the Catholic church of St. Nicolas in Adamas, the church of Profitis Ilias in Clima, the church of Panagia Tourliani in Tripiti, the church of Panagia Portiani in Zefyria and many others. The Ecclesiastical museum is located in Adamas in the church of Holy Trinity. There you can admire rare religious works by Greek artists and get to know the local Christian tradition. On Saints’ name day, traditional island feasts are organized to the churches, that are dedicated to Them, with singing, dancing and plenty of food. Ask and learn and if you are lucky, you may have the opportunity to attend in such a celebration!
In Milos’ narrow alleys you will find many stores with all kind of souvenirs. In Adamas, Plaka, Tripiti, Triovasalos, Klima and Pollonia. In many villages there are larger or smaller Cycladic stores that will definitely attract you. Handmade jewelry from semiprecious stones of Milos, silver, gold, modern or classic. Made with taste and imagination to meet every demanding woman’s desire. You will find clothes, shoes, bags, scarves, hats and anything else missing from your collection or simply you want to obtain. Furthermore, unique artistic creations such as lamps, paintings, vases, ornaments and souvenirs made from sea wood, stone, glass or clay. Countless ideas and smart suggestions for the necessary gifts-souvenirs from Milos! Find what suits you and upon leaving, take with you a piece from the breathtaking island of Milos! But do not forget yourselves... find what expresses you and create your own "Milos" in a corner of your home!
Milos is perhaps of the few islands that can combine quiet and relaxation with intense entertainment. Do you want to walk by the sea, eat to a peaceful tavern and enjoy a cool drink under the moonlight and candlelight with soft background music overlooking the endless blue? You can! Or do you want to drink your coffee on busy cafes with loud music, eat along with the whole island and then have fun drinking and dancing until the first morning hours in one of the bars/clubs of the island? Again, you can! You can do whatever your mood demands on Milos Island! There are so many places, picturesque small villages, taverns, cafes, bars, that certainly one of them will respond to what you're searching for. Surrender in Milos’ beauty and live the unforgettable holidays in Milos that you dream of!